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cloud What ?

Ranking alive is a revolutionary SAAS tool that allows you to control your position in search engines from any device with no limit in the number of keywords.

real Real ranks !

As opposed to other existing tools, Ranking alive gives you your best, worst and average website position on search engine for each keyword. Finally a tool exist which consider personalized result based on history and location.

satellite Social signals

Social signals play with the Google rankings and other search engines. Ranking alive lets you identify and improve your SEO, all the while considering social signals.

time In real time

Don't wait to crawl Google to know your positions. Ranking Alive gives you your changing positions in real time! An efficient tool for better monitoring!

prediction Prediction system

Now, we're working hard to give you a "change prediction tool" for your position on search engines. With Ranking Alive, you'll have a head start on your competitors!

microscope Indepth analysis

Ranking alive offers indepth analysis of the market. No limit to the number of keywords and unparalleled accuracy on all search engines. Just forget webmaster tools!

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“ Thanks to Ranking alive, I can see which keywords are searched in the Google results. An unlimited list of these keywords shows me the true position of my website in real time! „

Frederic GUFFROY CEO 123fleurs.com

“ RankingAlive allows me to identify all the keywords that I need to work on SEO. No limit keyword and depth of analysis, this is what looker for! „

Charles CHRISTORY CEO Funder Adictiz

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